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Getting to know you..
To help you get to know us a little better, we have asked some of our skippers the following:

  • Why do you love sailing?

  • What is your dream destination?

  • Which famous person would you like to spend a weekend sailing with?

Stephen P.jpg

I'm Stephen Passmore, Engineer, Adventurer & also the current Commodore at THYC

I love sailing because quite simply I love being on the water

My dream destination would be sailing the North West Passage



Cruiser racers start in size from "Boysie" a Hunter Sonata 23 foot which despite it's size is a very competitive boat easy to sail with 4 crew and fun. (right)

The boat "Chaos" is a Laser 28 foot a true cruiser/racer designed for speed. (below Left)

Left to right Silk Purse a Lazer 28, Velocity Girl a Koopmanns VQ32 and Madhatter a First 325. (below right)


Don't beleive that the sun always shines on Hartlepool. We have our fair share of windy and wet days when sailing can be a challenge.

Tarka and Hunters Grace both 30 footers coming downwind in a swell. (right)

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