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The cruiser yellow course marker buoys have had a hard winter with 2 being lost to stormy conditions over the winter and another 2 lost in the spring storms. Surprisingly the marks that are more exposed away from shore have survived and those close to shore lost, presumably due to severe waves.

The marks at N-North and S-South next to Tees Approach Channel are still in position as well as the marks at D-Dolphin and H-Hartlepool. The 2 missing marks being the Inner and Outer start line distance marks.

With the start of the sailing on Wednesday night those marks wont be replaced in time so the start line will be a transit between the Transit light on the clubhouse and the white pole on the Middleton South Pier end with the HP2 red Hartlepool Approach Channel Buoy as the outer distance marker. The pursuit race starts normally use a similar transit that skippers judge their own start times and the Sunday OOD will sight the line from the club window as usual.

OODs must remember to put the Transit light on as they enter the Tower and a volunteer will hopefully remember to switch the light on before the Wednesday night start.


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